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When you are planning your events and meetings remember that your WI can book a “Trading Box.” Please email County Office admin@nottswi.org.uk with your Booking Form – please be aware of office times when requesting collection date and return.

Your WI receives 15% of takings without the risk of purchasing any stock.  There is a mix of gift items and locally produced items.

If you require specific items, please state this on the Booking Form so that the box can be packed for your requirements.  On average a box will contain about £400 value of stock.

Trading Box booking forms can be found on SharePoint and the website https://nottinghamshire.thewi.org.uk/county-office-and-downloads


You will see ‘The WI Shop’ selling giftware at Federation events throughout the year.  If your WI is having an event and would like the WI Shop to be there you can take part in our new Trading Box scheme. You will be fundraising for your WI and also raising funds for your Federation too. How it works:

  1. Book a WI Shop Trading Box from the Federation
  2. Collect your Box from the Federation office. Your box will have a price list/stock list.
  3. Have fun at your event and sell the items from your box
  4. Complete the stock list and count up your sales
  5. Return the remaining stock and takings to the office by the agreed date
  6. This will be checked and 15% of the takings will be transferred to your WI funds.

NOTE: if the stock and takings are not returned by the set date, then your WI will be invoiced for the total value of the box.

If you would like specific items in your box, please give 6 weeks’ notice

If you have any questions on this please contact suzanneplamping@nottswi.org.uk

Book a Shop box from ‘The WI Shop’ by using the booking form, preferably giving 3 months' notice of your event. Or contact the federation office by email: admin@nottswi.org.uk

We attend the Annual meeting and many of the events.