Federation History

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1917 - 2017

These articles  appeared every month in
The Hornblower the Federation Newsletter during 2017

All the information is taken from
'A History of the Women's Institutes in Nottinghamshire 1917 - 1987'.

The last 30 years history has been collated from the Hornblower and memory!

More can be found in our scrapbooks. 

The articles can only be a 'bird's eye view of 100 years.
We hope you enjoy reading a little about the past.

We have had 4 Archive banners printed that will be
on display at our Centenary events



March Hornblower: The first ten years

April Hornblower: The second decade

May Hornblower: The War Years

June Hornblower: 1948 - 1958 Post War onwards

July Hornblower: 1958 - 1968. 40 years on

August Hornblower: 1968 - 1975 Women of Property

September Hornblower: 1976 - 1986 60 years on

October Hornblower:A Decade of New and Renew

November Hornblower: 1997 -  2006 Into the Millenium

December Hornblower: 2007 -2017 The last ten years