Our Committees

Board of Trustees  April 2022 - March 2023


Federation Chair: Dr Helen Rose (Watnall WI)

Vice Chairman: Wendy Richardson (Bleasby WI) and Helen Ainley (Mansfield Woodhouse & PV WI)

Federation Treasurer: Jenny Bailey (Eakring WI)

Trustees:  Debbie Clarke. June Freeman. Sylvia Insley. Jane Jefferson. Suzanne Plamping.

Pauline Redmile.  Carrie Young 


They take overall responsibility for the administration of the Federation.

There are 5 Sub - Committees who report to the board and ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) Representative.

Each committee has a web page with event information.

Communications Team:

Social Media: Facebook: Website: Newsletter: BAG, ACWW and Teams4U  information.

Creative Activities:

This is the singing all dancing committee with crafts & cookery.

WI Shop

It provides a Trading Box scheme and attends Federation events

Sports & Leisure:

An A to Z of sports which are organized throughout the year.

WI Support Team:

The home of the WI Advisers. They help form new WIs and carry out support visits WIs all around the county.