Sports & Leisure

Chairman: Wendy Richardson

We offer a full programme of sports and leisure activities
throughout the year - almost an A - Z !

We have 2 Kurling Sets and come out to WIs.

Download a Booking Form here.

We now have a Bingo Machine you can hire for £10 Download a Booking form


On a lovely sunny afternoon 14 members went to Orston shooting ground. In four groups they spent an hour with the instructor. They were shown how to hold the gun correctly and how to follow the clay pigeons. Everyone enjoyed themselves, there was lots of laughter and they had varying degrees of success – but I think everyone at least hit something! They even found a new use for the gun rack – to hang their handbags on!

Anyone for Bingo, ladies? We will be holding our Bingo Evening on October 7th at Lowdham village Hall. As usual we will be serving a Pie & Pea Supper. Come and join us and have a great night of fun


Last month should have seen members going to watch the T20 cricket, but due to Forest getting to Wembley the game was changed to a Monday night. So only 3 members were able to go and see some cricket played, but along came the good old English weather and stopped play!

We have our Scrabble evening coming up in September at Lowdham WI hall. The form for our Darts league has also come out, please consider putting together a team in your WI for the coming season – it’s great fun and very social. The Darts Pairs competition form has also come out.

We are organising a Bingo night with a pie and peas supper at Lowdham Village Hall on Friday 7 October – another great evening to enjoy and have fun.