WI Support Team

We have 4 WI Advisers
We all help and support WIs throughout Nottinghamshire - we can start a new WI, help an existing WI, and will put on training events for new Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers.


If you would like to join one of our WIs in Nottinghamshire or start a new WI, Please contact the County Office 01636 673550 or email: secretary@nottswi.org.uk


I do hope that everyone who attended the Treasurer’s Workshop, found it helpful and that you feel supported in your role by the IFE Team, WI Support Team, and by County House secretaries. I wish to thank Pauline Redmile for planning and running the workshop with the support of the IFEs. Their help and continued support to our Treasurers is much appreciated. As requested, a follow-up Hands-on practical Treasurer’s Workshop is to be held at County House on Monday 10th October at 10am until 12noon. This will give you the opportunity to get personal tuition to sort out any queries you may have.

MyWI is a very helpful source of WI Information and also for recipes, crafts and updates on campaigns. I highly recommend that if you are not already registered, to do so, in order to access this wonderful resource. See the July Hornblower, it explained how to get registered.


We now have a new Resolution ‘Women and Girls with ASD & ADHD - under-identified, under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed, under-supported’ to work on after the NFWI Annual Meeting in Liverpool. I am sure we are all more aware of the problems of living with ASD + ADHD and how we can be of support.

Please remember as from July, all mailings from the NFWI will be digital to your WI via email to your WI Secretary or chosen recipient. Let us know at the office if you are having problems with receiving them.

The WIST team have had a busy few months with attending Annual Meetings and organising helpful workshops for Presidents & Secretaries, Promoting your WI and Treasurers’. Our latest one is a Programme Planning event taking place this month on Saturday 16 July at County House. This is an opportunity to exchange ideas for WI meetings, meet fellow members and swap ideas on planning your future programme. You may still have time to apply. email admin@nottswi.org.uk.

If you think you would like to help other WIs you can by becoming a WI Support or a WI Adviser. Come and observe at one of our committee meetings and see what it entails, we would be pleased to see you. Contact County Office or email admin@nottswi.org.uk for more information

Jane Jefferson, Chairman of WIST Committee.



Be BOLD – Have you had a speaker talking about the achievement of a woman? Has your WI offered members the opportunity to do something different?

Be INCLUSIVE – Are you really friendly and welcoming to new members or do you have to sit where and with whom you always sit?

Be FLEXIBLE – Have you surveyed your members to see if the time and place of meetings, including committee meetings and activities, are convenient for everybody?

GROW – Is your WI on Facebook and is it used well for promotion? If not, apply for funding from your local MP and for 3- 6 months send out a newsletter to 50-100 houses in the area.

These are just a few suggestions, we bet you can think of and do more.


Data Protection for ALL members. When sending out emails to more than one WI member it is important that you put all recipients in BCC (blind carbon copy) not CC, as you are breaching data protection by showing other members’ email addresses. We are sure that everyone knows that members’ emails are for WI business only.


How many committee meetings should be held in a year.  The constitution says a minimum of 6 meetings a year should be held. However, your WI may well need more meetings in order to keep up to date with news and events and of course planning for your main meetings may take some time.  Remember the saying that "If you fail to plan then you plan to fail". I am sure that doesn't affect your WI but planning is an essential part of running a good WI and this is generally done at your WI Committee meetings.



My new member hasn't received WI Life why is this?


In order to receive WI Life your new members' details need to be added to the MCS register with a date of joining.  After her details are added she will start receiving WI Life, she will receive a New members pack from the Federation via her email or the Hornblower envelope sent to your WI and she will also receive a new member pack sent to her from National but only if her details are put on within three months of her joining. It is important that the MCS is kept up to date not only by adding new members but deleting members who are no longer in your WI.