Creative Arts

Chairman: Helen Rose

This committee encourages WIs and members to participate in a variety of activities that include - music, dance, literature, painting etc.


September update:


Wednesday 7 October @7.00pm via Zoom.

You don’t have to be a budding thespian to enjoy our play reading, but you do have to be willing to have a go!

After some light-hearted and fun warm up activities to set the mood, we will be reading some short plays. Scripts and your role will be sent to you shortly after the closing date, along with details of how to join the Zoom meeting.

Cost £5. apply to

Closing date: Monday 28 September 2020


Calling ALL WI members. We know that there are DRAMA groups and CHOIRS in our 120 WIs. We know that there are amongst our 4000 members those of you who have a performance skill from playing an instrument to just reading a poem. So, we are offering each and every one of you the chance to showcase your performance, be it big or small, at our Performing Arts Festival. It sounds grand but it is just a chance for you and us to share what we, as members have to offer on the performance side. Get in touch with the office by letter, phone, email or by completing the enclosure and let us know what you can offer. Date to be announced,